Saturday, 21 April 2012

Stressfull days, and sleepless nights

I haven't updated in a while, been a little preoccupied. My family doctor informed me that Logan's EEG was normal!! Great news! Bad news is, he ha been having more frequent episodes. A few day ago e had a really bad day:( I don't know what to think anymore. The paediatrician keeps telling me that it's reflux, yet he has not even mentioned medicating him. I have been frantically searching the web for anything that seems similar to what he is going though. The only thing that comes close is Sandifer's syndrome. The pedi mentioned it once, and after looking into it, I feel that it is very possible that is what we're dealing with. Apparently it is caused by an underlying GI issue (reflux GERD) and supposedly if you treat the condition that is causing the symptoms of Sandifer's, then you may be able to fix it. Logan has a pedi appointment on the 24th, and I am determined to not leave that office until we have some sort of plan.

Things between Rob, and I have been a lot better. We haven't been to a counsellor yet, but between work, and childcare I'm not sure we'll ever make it there. But, we have been trying to communicate with each other more, and while I know we still have a long way to go....I'm confident that we'll get there. Logan's fussiness has gotten somewhat better. He has longer periods of being happy, and smiley. I'm hoping that if we get some reflux meds into him, we will see an even bigger improvement! He still has quite a few bad days, where the screaming is prevalent unless he's sleeping. But, I'm hoping that we are turning a corner in the fussy department.

Sleep. I guess you never realize how much you value sleep, until you're not getting any. Logan is awesome! e goes down around 7:30 every night, and he sleeps straight through until 6 or 7. But Ciena and Joel...that's another story. They are sharing a room, heck they are sharing a bed! And they still will not stay out of our bed. They refuse to sleep alone, so we let them share a room, and they choose to share a bed. But every single night, they still end up in our bed. I don't get any sleep, a 6 year old, a 2 year old, and two adults sharing a bed, sooo not comfy. Plus, they all snore! And when I say all, I mean Rob, Ciena, Joel, and Logan. So that keeps me up, as does a toddler's feet in my back, or kicking me in the stomach, or head. I want my bed back!!