Sunday, 21 October 2012

"Family is the only thing that isn't replaceable."

I had the best talk with my brother last night. We text quite often, but we don't always have a chance to call each other on a regular basis. But last night, he called me, and we spent 2 hours talking about everything. From our childhood, to relationships of past and present.

I am so thankful to have a brother, who is not only my sibling. But also my best friend. Knowing that I could tell him anything, and he wouldn't judge, is a great feeling.

Growing up, my brother and I were always close. I mean, we fought like all siblings. But, at the end of the day, it was just the two of us. Things between my parents were not great, and sometimes it felt like R.J, and I only had each other.

My brother makes me laugh, more than anyone else. That's one of the greatest qualities he has, his sense of humour. Luckily we both have an extremely immature sense of humour;) He is very sympathetic to what people are going through. And he would be the first one to help you out, if you needed him.

I am so proud of him. I have thought to myself many times over the past few years, that I had hoped he would turn his life around. There were many issues, and things that were preventing him from holding down a job, or being motivated to do anything. We had many fights, and stress regarding all of this. I remember thinking to myself, "if he keeps this up, will he still be around 10 years from now?" That thought scared the shit out of me. The thought of losing him, and not being able to talk to him anytime, was the worst feeling I've ever had. There were multiple times when he just wouldn't come home, and he would be gone for days at a time. My mom, and I would be texting every friend he had, just trying to find him. And finally he would show up, and act like it was no big deal that he just dropped off the Earth for 3 days. Those times were definitely trying, and I had every hope that one day, we would laugh about it.

In the past year, I have seen my brother completely change, for the better. He found a job. One that he likes, and he is good at, and he has been working at the same place for almost a year. He has significantly cut down on his drinking. He has moved out on his own. In a word, he has grown up!

He has always been a musician, an excellent one too. Quite a few years ago, he started a band. The members have changed many times, but one thing that hasn't changed.....the music. R.J puts his heart and soul into this music. He is going to change the face of music, that much I know for sure. And I'm sure anyone who has heard his music, would agree with me.

During our talk, we came to the conclusion that, "The only thing that isn't replaceable, is family." We know that anything that has happened in our lives, the one constant is family. We are, and have always been there for each other. And that will never change. I only hope that one day, my kids will feel the same way about each other. I want that for them. To always love each other, and always be there for each other, no matter what happens.

I am so proud of you R.J I know I told you this last night, but you deserve to hear it again. You are an amazing person, and you deserve everything you wish for in this life. You have completely turned your life around, and I love you. You are the greatest Uncle, and friend. I love you so much, and just thought you should know<3

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