Saturday, 30 March 2013

Random facts about me

So, not like you asked or anything, but now that I'm starting to get more feedback on my blog (thanks!) I decided to write a post all about me! But, since I'm lazy, and nobody wants too much info, it will be in fact form, and very random. Fun, right!

I am more afraid of ghosts in my house, at night, than I am of burglars
Seriously, don't ask me why, but ghosts terrify me! The funny thing is, I love watching scary movies, and actually prefer to watch the ones about ghosts.......and then it's bedtime. And suddenly, I'm 6. "What was that?" "Is that a shadow,or a demon?" "Something just touched my leggggg!!" It's really quite embarrassing inside my head, sometimes. I talk to a ton of moms who are all, "Sometimes I try and map an escape route for my kids, and I, like if there were ever a burglar in our house." And I'm like, "Yeah, but what about, like if your dead grandmother came to visit you? What's your plan then?! I need ideas!"

I peed my pants once when I was 13
Now, there are 2 versions of this story. If you want the real one, this is it......don't listen to anything my brother says! So, my brother, and I are walking home from school. It is freezing cold, and there is snow on the ground. We turned the corner, onto our street. I had to pee sooooo bad! Now, in reality, our house was probably like 5 or 6 houses away. But, looking down the block at it, with a full bladder, man, it seemed really.fucking.far. I remember telling my brother, "I really have to pee. Like really bad." And he was all, "Look, we're almost home. Don't do anything stupid." Then I'm like, "I think I'm gonna pee." And he's like, "What?! Are you fucking serious?! We're 10 steps away from a toilet!" And I chimed in with, "I'm peeing." That was met with a look of horror, and a definite loss of respect. But, seriously, I was only 13. My brother is way off base when he says I was 19.......seriously, not true.

My first boyfriend was from Holland
Yeah,so picture this. Your dad works on a tobacco farm. He comes home one night, and says, "Yeah there's these two cool guys that I work with, and I invited hem over for dinner." Whatever, right? Well, then the two guys show up, it turns out they are young....and cute! So, in my 14 year old head, I'm going, "jackpot!" So, after some visiting, I notice that I am developing a little crush on the younger of the two guys. He's kind of quiet, pretty respectful......not so great with the English, but we can work around that. So, then a few nights later, dad comes home and says, "Those poor guys, they aren't going home until the end of October, but the farmer is turning off the heat in the bunkhouse! They'll be so cold!" Then he decides, "Hey, remember the two guys that came over? Yeah, remember how you really liked one?! Well, they are going to stay here with us for a few weeks!" Good call, dad.Good call. So, anyways they came, they stayed, I got my first real kiss, with tongues!! And, we were "dating" Now you know the huge problem with dating someone that lives 4000 miles away?  Well, they live 4000 miles away! Now, there were sweet phone conversations, although, we were only allowed to talk for an hour because of the long distance charges. He actually did come to visit twice in the 18 months we were dating. He stayed in our house, both times....big mistake, dad. ;) But after a while, I got bored. I was 16, and was just not on the same page. He kept talking about getting married, and having kids. Blah! But, he was my first love.

I played with barbies for a really long time
Like,my mom had to tell me when I was 13, that she was not buying me the Barbies that were on my Christmas list....

I can say the alphabet
Not that this is a skill that should be boasted.I mean really, who thinks this is important? Well, my gram does.  When I was 6, she sat me down, and within a half an hour I was rattling it off! Hmm, I guess this is more of a "stupid human trick"

I talk, a lot
Never had it been a problem, until Rob, and I had kids. Then they started talking, too. And then I started to notice my husband start to enjoy being by himself a lot more. I can usually tell when he's tuning me out, and I used to care. But now, I just keep on going, and I get pissed later if I realize he wasn't listening. The best part, is when I start talking about random shit while we're in the car. He starts out listening, and then the more I say, the more his expression changes. It pretty much goes from, a half smile, to a straight face, to this look of pain that is quite indescribable. Almost like he would rather jump into oncoming traffic, than listen to one more thing I have to say.

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