Wednesday, 11 July 2012

3 kids=Tired(mommy, not never get tired)

I'm tapped out. For real.

I have been so exhausted lately, and yet come bedtime I twitter/pin/facebook wayy too long. Thankfully Logan sleeps pretty well, or else I don't know what I'd do.

There is always something going on. 3 kids is really a lot more insane than I thought it would be. I mean, not in a normal "holy shit! Having 3 kids is insane!" type of way, but more of a "When do I ever get a chance to sit down and relax." Type of way. To put it in plain English...they have a lot of shit going on. I mean Dr. appts alone are all.the.time. And that's not even factoring in trips to the walk-in if they get sick all of a sudden. Logan has well baby checks every 2 months. And with his reflux/wheeziness, he is seriously averaging on at least one appt every 2.5 weeks. Ciena has soccer every Monday and Wednesday, which will be finished next week thankfully! Then she has swimming lessons every Monday, and Joel has swimming lessons every Thursday. That's almost a week of obligations these kids have. They really have more of a life than I do;)

Shopping trips. Not that I necessarily have to take them to get whatever we need with me, but I usually do because Rob generally doesn't get home until dinnertime. And by then I just don't feel like doing anything but locking myself in the bathroom, pretending to poop while Rob occupies the kids, and I have a chance to recharge. Yes, I have to pretend to poop to get a moment to myself, pretty glam huh?! Anyways, shopping trips can easily fill the 2 days a week that we have free. We run out of the staples so quickly. So we always need to run to the store for something. Now most of the time I regret bringing the kids the moment we step through the doors. "Can we look at the toys? Do they have lobsters here? Can we get a cookie from the bakery?" And then, if I'm really lucky, one of them will have a meltdown over something, and I get to show off my mad pushing a stroller, while holding a screaming child and holding another child's hand, skills. It's crazy fun! Then just for shits and giggles, sometimes the toddler decides he's done, and flops down in the middle of the parking lot, forcing me to look like the best mom ever by half dragging him to the van wile I pray the wind doesn't pick up and carry the stroller away. Shopping trips with kids are a blast, said no one ever...

Then I get home. And the place is a mess. And that's when it hits me that I really should have cleaned it when I first got up, because now it just feels overwhelming, and I don't wanna! And some days I don't. I mean really, the kids just destroy it minutes later anyways.  So by the end of the day I am just tired. Like mentally/physically/ name it, I'm just tired. But yet, it's 10:32, and I'm blogging. Having 3 kids is exhausting. Did I mention that?

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