Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I'm baaaack!

Wow,  I am a terrible blogger! I told myself to make it a priority to write a blog post at least once every few days. Fail! But I'm back, and I promise I won't leave you again. And by "you" I mean the one person that actually reads my posts;)

First off, Logan. Doing so great! The pedi put him on Nexium for reflux, and believe it or not, he hasn't had a single episode since! He is such a happy little guy now too. Things are definitely a lot brighter than they were a few months ago. He is a little over 5 months. I keep expecting to see teeth any day with all the drool, and chewing of fingers, and general crankiness. But nada. He is huge! Like over 20lbs! The really hilarious thing? He and Joel can wear the same sized clothing. Ha! Crazy, I know! He hasn't rolled yet, but I presume that's due to his size;) He does try to roll back to front, and he's almost there. He's not even close with front to back, but he still hates tummy time with a passion, so that could be why. He's really not that close to sitting unassisted either. We try frequently, but no dice yet. All in all, he is such a joy. The amazing little person he has developed into was definitely worth the first 3 months of Hell!

Ciena has been in soccer for over a month now, she loves it! It's amazing to see how far all the kids on her team have come since starting. And who knew soccer was so interesting? But I am totally that mom that is on the sidelines cheering team orange on! Also, she started swimming lessons this week. The first lesson was a little trying. She did not even want to get into the water, and when she finally did, she wouldn't move from the ladder. Rob finally climbed in to coax her off, but was kindly told to get out by another lifeguard. Apparently parents have to stay back, and are not allowed in the water. Ooops! But, the lifeguard turned out to be really awesome. She was super friendly, and just authoritative enough to not only get Ciena off the ladder, but actually get her to do the exercises she was supposed to be doing. And Ciena is actually looking forward to next weeks lesson! My little girl is off to grade one in the fall. I don't know where the time went, but I want it back:( She is growing up so fast, it's unbelievable.

Joel. Hmm, what to say about Joel? He is the smartest, sweetest, most wonderful little guy I could have ever asked for. He will randomly come up to me, and ask for a hug. Or tell me; "I love you so much mommy" He is fully potty trained!! And the most amazing part, is that it only took a couple of months. And, just when I thought he was NEVER going to get happened. It was like a switch flipped. He still isn't ready to be in underwear during the night, especially since he sleeps in our bed;) But, he has been accident free for over a month! But, on the other hand he is giving us some trouble.  He can be somewhat of a meanie. He regularly gets sent to time-out for Pulling hair/pinching/hitting....etc. I feel like all he and Ciena do all day is fight. And he has even started pinching, and hitting Logan:/ He really doesn't seem to be doing it maliciously, just playfully. But he seems to forget that he is quite a bit bigger than Logan. terrible twos, aren't they great!

Rob and I are doing much better. He is taking a more active role with Logan, which makes me really happy. We are trying to be a more united front when it comes to the kiddos, and we genuinely just seem to enjoy each others company....most of the time;) To sum things up, life is pretty rad right now!


  1. That one reader, must be awesome lol.
    So glad to hear how much better things are for all of you. It must be such a relief now. X

  2. That one reader is most definitely awesome<3 Things are going so well. We are very blessed. xoxoxo