Sunday, 4 March 2012

Date night.....what's that?

So, as I scroll through my Facebook news feed on the weekends, I see a lot of posts about "date night" Apparently this is a phenomenon in which parents leave their children with a babysitter or trusted family member, and go out together...alone. I know, I thought it was weird too;) These parents presumably go out for dinner, or to the movies, or maybe they just make out in the backseat like horny teenagers like the "good old days" Either way, they are out of the house, together, without having to shout over children.

It made me think of the last date night that Rob and I had. And sadly, I just can't remember. And it 's not because we have nobody to watch the kids, we have tons of people that would do that. Maybe we're just lazy, or just don't care. Except that I do. I mentioned to Rob a while ago that I would love for us to go out together, and do something just once a month. It doesn't seem crazy or unreasonable to do that, does it? He pretty much dismissed it, and told me all I ever want to do is spend money. Yeah, because going to dinner once a month will make or break us...okay. The way I see it, it's like an investment. We're investing in our marriage, and possibly my sanity. I spend all day every day cooped up all day with three kids. To say that I would like to get out every once in a while would be an understatement. My husband and I haven't been out alone together since before Joel was born. That's over two years!! We really need some time alone together just to talk, we never get to just talk to each other. Mostly because we're too tired, and/or it's not worth it to have to shout to be heard, or get interrupted 20 billion times by the kids.

Our five year wedding anniversary is coming up in September, I really want to do something special. If anyone has any ideas (if anyone actually reads this blog. lol) let me know. I'm open to suggestions, and I have some time to think about what we should do.


  1. Tell him that going out for dinner doesn't have to cost money. Go out to Dover on the pier and bring dinner. Me and Willy make sure that we can our adult time alone. Usually we make sure the little one is tucked away in bed for the night. This way i have no guilt in leaving him.

    1. Thanks! I tell him stuff like this all the time, we don't have to spend money it's the going out alone together that is the important thing.