Thursday, 1 March 2012

Logan's episodes

So, about 3 weeks ago Logan was in his car seat and he did something weird. He kind of threw his hands forward with clenched fists,started grunting, and the whole time his eyes were kind of rolling upward and side to side. I watched him closely, and prayed it was just a normal baby reflex. Then he did it again later in the day, so I started to get more concerned. The next day, he did it again. Only thins time it was way more pronounced, unlike the lat ones that were more subtle. I googled like crazy(bad idea) and started getting really worried about seizures. I decided to take him to the ER that weekend. He got an appointment for an EEG, and we were sent on our way.

Fast forward to today. I had tried to put the episodes out of my mind since he hadn't had any in 3 weeks. But this morning I watched him for 10 minutes while he had half a dozen. Luckily I happened to get a video. Well, all day he has been having these episodes, here and there. And I'm starting to get more concerned. Rob, among other people have been telling me that it could be related to reflux. And while I really hope that is the case, I am just freaked. Ciena had episodes somewhat similar when she was a baby, although hers looked almost like she was dizzy or something. But the whole first year of her life we were in and out of hospitals, subjecting her to all kinds of tests, all for nothing. They couldn't find anything wrong thankfully. But I keep flashing back to that time. The worry, the constant stress.

Rob doesn't seem concerned, and he keeps telling me that I'm overreacting, and I just love to worry, blah blah blah. I hate feeling like this! I have a constant stomach ache, I feel the need to just hover over him and stare. Like right now, he is sleeping, I am exhausted, and I should be sleeping. But I just keep checking on him. I feel like an insane person.

Anyways, here's the video if you want to give me some input. He does it at 5 seconds, and again at 37 seconds. Don't mind the random blurriness at one point, and the lovely spit up at the end.


  1. I found it hard to see the clip to see what you're saying about these episodes. But despite that honey you've also got to take care of you. So if you need to get him seen too for a second or even third opinion do so, if it will help you relax a little more. X

  2. Thanks. I have had people tell me everything from reflux, to seizures, to a breathing problem. I have no idea what to think, or hope for. I'm hoping after the pedi sees the video, he has some insight.

  3. I noticed it.. I would like some sort of seizures. I would worry too. Maybe next time you go to your doctors show him this?