Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy Birthday, Bitch!

Tomorrow, my best friend turns 28. This post is for her.

When I was 14, I went along with my mom to a family baby shower. I didn't know anyone there, except for my mom,and grandma. We all sat down at tables, and incidentally, Tia, and her mom sat at our table. Now, I recognized Tia's mom right away. She and my mom were best friends growing up,and I had seen lots of pictures, and heard lots of stories.

Now, I'm going to paint a picture for you. I am sitting at the far end of this table, and over walks this girl,and she looks.....mean. Don't worry, I've told her all about my first impression of her. ;) I tried not to even make eye contact,because, it looked like the wrong look could make her go all "Girl interrupted" on me. And to put it plainly, I was kind of a wimp. So, I just sat there. Well,our moms got to talking, and it was very clear that they were both trying very hard to force a friendship between the two of us. I noticed right away that Tia was very sarcastic, and honest. Something that I've always admired about her. Now, Tia did not say two words to me until the subject of the Backstreet Boys came up. Well, I guess our moms saw something we could "bond", nope. Tia found out that Nick was my favourite, and she went off. Apparently that was her fave,too. I can't remember the exact things she said to me,but it was somewhere along the lines of, "Seriously, bitch. Nick is mine,and if you know what's good for you, you won't mention his name again." Needless to say, I was shook. I left that day telling my mom that I could never be friends with her. Oh,and I feel like I should point out, that A.J was my fave Backstreet Boy from there on out. ;)

So, that was it,no friendship. Our moms were disappointed,but hey,that's life. Cut to later on that year. Now,we're all at a wedding. Now obviously, a 13, and 14 year old have no business getting hammered at any type of social gathering. Oops. And that was all it took. We spent the rest of the night laughing, and dancing together, and we fell asleep that night dreaming of our double wedding.

Since then, she has been my soul mate. I have never had to be fake with her, because she doesn't judge me. She always tells me exactly how she feels,and never lies to me, even if she knows I might get hurt. She has always been there for me, even if we haven't talked in months, I know nothing has changed. She is the only one who gets my sense of humour,because hers is exactly the same. I love her to death,and I am so thankful to have her in my life.

Tia, and her sister Bobbi, have seen me through everything. Whether it was us 3 on the beach staring at my boyfriend in the water because we could see his junk through his shorts. Or the time when a very pregnant Bobbi-Jo took off, and we circled the town looking for her. Or the book store....Bobbi?? They were also there through my miscarriage. They fed me,and laughed with me,and got me through. I love you, girls

Tia, and I had our share of fights, some with us not talking for months, but here we are, 15 years later. Doesn't seem that long.

So, anyways,I'm sure I'm rambling,but I love you,bitch. You have always been there for me, and I hope we are always able to find humour in poop, small dicks, and butt sex. Have an awesome birthday!

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