Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pinterest blows my mind.

I will admit, that the first few months I had pinterest, I was really fucking confused. Like what's the point to this shit? Pins, boards, huh? And now, pinterest has made me it's bitch...

I stay up way too late pinning shit that isn't always of any relevance, or use to me. But, I still feel like I need it saved for later. And I think that's one of the best things about pinterest. It makes you realize just how much better you could have been doing things. Like, for instance, putting your pancake batter in an old ketchup bottle. What?! I mean, admit it, you would have never thought of that, would you? You can be honest. But look at how awesome your pancakes are now! How pissed are you that you are just now finding out about this?! Don't worry, I feel your pain.

Pinterest also makes you feel like a badass mom! Look at these awesome recipes I'm whipping up! "No, no,honey. Don't put baby wipes on the grocery list this week, I'm going to make my own." You know why? Because I'm fucking awesome, and crafty......um, nope. I have an entire board for crafts,and DIY....83 pins. You know how many of those projects I've accomplished? None, zero, zilch. Tonight was actually the first time I browsed all of my DIY pins. I'm sure I pinned them with the best of intentions, but I dropped the ball.

I have gotten into full on arguments with my husband about pinterest. He gets all, "what's the point?" And then I'm all, "What the fuck are you talking about?! Look at all this delicious food I have pinned! Look at this, I'm going to start making my own reusable paper towels! I'll be saving you money!!" We don't even have a fucking sewing machine! And I have a shit ton of projects that involve sewing, which I don't know how to do.

Pinterest is giving me a false sense of my skill level,as a mother/cook/seamstress...I throw the shit in the slow cooker, and bam! Look at me, I am cooking while I do laundry, and wipe asses. Holla! Then I drink some nasty detox drink, because pinterest told me that this was a good way to lose a few pounds, and flush your system out....which it did....ouch. Then I'll stroll over here to where Joel has just spilled some very red juice. That's just fine, reusable paper towels, which are actually just old linens that I tore up, because I cannot sew (remember?) And yeah, that doesn't work so well, but I don't worry about stains, VINEGAR!! Vinegar will clean anything! Vinegar is all purpose, drink it, clean with it, use it to freshen the air. Mmmmm....

By the way, I browsed pinterest the entire time I was writing this...

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