Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shit my 3 year old did today...

-Picked his nose, and ate his boogers.

-"checked" to make sure his bum was wiped properly....with his finger.

-Ripped our entire newspaper into confetti small pieces,and threw it around the living room

-Kicked his little brother down for touching his chair

-insisted it was an "accident"

-Dumped a bowl of cheerios down his pants

-slammed the bathroom door 5 times after exiting

-Threw pieces of bread onto the floor while shouting "quack quack!"

-Sang this song for 45 minutes, "P is for poop. p p poop!"

-Changed his clothing 3 times,then decided he only wanted to wear underwear

-Told his sister she was a "poop sandwich"

-Hid under the kitchen table for 20 minutes......without telling anyone he was going to hide

-Cried for half an hour because we didn't have any balloons???

-Cried for 10 minutes because he bit his little brother, and then his little brother pulled his hair

-Started throwing toys violently out of the toy box looking for something.

-Halfway through, he forgot what he was looking for

-Ran through through the house screaming happily, while his siblings looked on in confusion

-Put his father's dirty sock in his mouth

-Tore all of the blankets off of my freshly made bed

-Got mad because he was ready for bed,and there were no blankets on the bed

-Fell asleep on the couch, waiting for me to re-make the bed

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